Albirex(S) S.E.A Cup 2023 Thailand

The Albirex(S) S.E.A Cup 2023 Thailand took place on the 13th and 14th Oct with a total of 90 players in participation.

The tournament was played over two days in a high intensity and passion filled tournament. The group stages saw them competing for a spot for the quarter finals and high sportsmanship display was seen throughout the tournament despite some flying tackles. The respect shown throughout the tournament was clear from the influence of the Thai culture.

On the final day, in the presence of guest of honour, Murakami san from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Prime Bangkok put on a majestic display with a 8-1 thumping in the Finals. Wat Suthiwararam School conceded a back pass free kick seconds into the game after a lapse of concentration from the goalkeeper. Prime Bangkok went on to dominate the game and played beautiful football which resulted to most of the team goals scored.

The 3rd and 4th placing match was decided by penalty kick and player no. 10 from PTT Academy had nerves of steel as he scored a Panenka Penalty to win it for his team.

There were no serious injuries during the tournament and the finals was covered LIVE on Sunnysport’s facebook. We look forward to welcome Prime Bangkok to the Grand Finals and to more football events in the country of smiles.