Ekkono Camp

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We held its first Ekkono method camp in Singapore for children under 13 years old. A total of 38 players participated. Here is a photo report of the event!

What is Ekkono Method?

The Ekkono Method is a program offered by Barcelona Soccer Services for the "development of top world-class players.” The Ekkono Method has been used by top European clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and other top players to provide them with guidance and advice.
The goal of the program is to develop smart players with good judgment and imagination, and by using the four elements that make up the Ekkono Method (games, concepts, cognition, and questioning), the program develops intelligent players who can adapt and respond appropriately to a variety of situations. In addition to direct coaching, he also provides consulting services to coaches and team staff to help them build identity and value throughout the club.

Ekkono Camp

The session was conducted by five coaches, including the academy director, Coach Marcal, a Spanish coach.
Many of the members were playing together for the first time that day, and the children seemed nervous at first. Firstly, we started with recreation activities without the ball.

The theme of the day is how to move to receive a ball. We faced children individually to make them understand football. Sometimes the coach questioned the children to think it together.

We had a Video Commentary session as well.
By watching the video of the matches, everyone thought about the good points and room for improvement in each play and discussed them together to deepen their understanding.
It was impressive that not only the children but also their parents watched the videos.

In the evening session, children aged 11 to 13 years old participated in more advanced training than the morning session for 7 to 10 year olds.
We will continue to develop players who can think and play on their own through regular training and games, and to help children to be independent.

Director of Methodology department Coach Marçal

We had an Ekkono Camp on 7th October, and 38 players participated. The best part is that we were able to see the growth of the players in every session. We hope that the acknowledgment and experience that they gained this time will be a good thing in future sessions and matches.