Official Launch of Albirex Singapore Football Academy

Thank you for your warm support.
We are pleased to announce that we have officially launch "Albirex Singapore Football Academy".

"Albirex Singapore Football Academy" Overview

Our Football Academy is catered for all kids residing in Singapore. In the academy, our coaches teaches not only football but also to develop our players life skills & character development.
In addition to increase children and youths playing football, we would like to contribute more to their development as a human being and also community through football.

Operation:Albirex Singapore Pte Ltd

Academy Director:Habil Hakim

Habil joined Albirex from September 2021 through the management of Japanese soccer school and one of the largest soccer school in Singapore "F17".
2011 - 2015 Shoot Football Academy (Assistant Coach → Academy Manager)
2015 - 2021 F17 (Head of Youth Development → Academy Director)
2021 Albirex Singapore Football Academy (Academy Director)
AFC 'C' Licence

The story

Till date, we have developed soccer schools in Singapore, but more for our Japanese community and sessions were conducted in our native language.

On the other hand, there’s an increase interest of local participation in our school but we have seen such cases whereby that the player decided not to play for Albirex because the language barrier.

To discourage that, we have established the newly Albirex Singapore Football Academy aiming to provide more opportunity of playing football to local kids by skilled Singaporean coaches that can deliver the Albirex in English, and operate locally.

We advance the localization of our club and focus on the development of Singaporean players while we establish the U-15s and U-17s, and Singaporeans are allowed to join us since 2018 to sign with our professional team.

This time, we will contribute more to Singapore society in both football and education by establishing the football academy.

Message from Albirex Singapore Pte Ltd CEO Namba Shujiro

We are a rare presence of a Japan based team that is entering top overseas leagues, and aiming "To be a club that supports players' step-up for the world", "To contribute to local community through football".

Through football, regardless of gender and ability, we would like to provide many opportunities for local kids to play football, and to achieve healthy lifestyle and mental development of the kids for the promotion of sports culture in Singapore.

As a Football Academy rooted in the area, we believe that we can engage in the development of players from the football academy to the U-15 U-17 and our professional team.

We look forward to your continued support of us and the football academy.